About The Chandler Pool Company, Inc.

Chuck Chandler founded The Chandler Pool Company, Inc. in 1984. Chuck started in the pool industry in 1975 installing one-piece fiberglass pools. He worked as a crew foreman until the early 1980's when the company he was working for decided to expand to offer gunite pool installation. From there he learned all phases of gunite pool construction, including plumbing, electrical, service and design.

In 1984 he started The Chandler Pool Company. At that time the company was a combination of service, maintenance and construction. Since 1996, the service and maintenance was handed over to Chuck's brother-in-law, who runs Handyman Pool Service, allowing us to put all our efforts into the design and construction business. (Which is what we've always loved doing.)

We have worked very hard to accommodate the growing demands of today's consumer. We believe that to maintain the "Quality Assurance" by our name we must employ the finest contractors in our industry.

We know the cost to maintain this quality may put our cost over some of our competitors, but never their quality over ours. In 2002 The Chandler Pool Company was a Gold Star recipient from the Better Business Bureau, which means they have never received any complaints regarding our work. I can assure you when you choose The Chandler Pool Company, you and your family home will receive the same care and quality as if we were building at our own house. That's the way we started over 20 years ago and that's the way we will be in the future.

The Chandler Pool Company also builds commercial hotel pools and water features.

Make your choice The Chandler Pool Company.
Beautiful Design, Best Construction, At a Fair Price = Quality Assurance
That's what we are all about!